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GWN Promo: About Us

What Drives Us?

A promotional giveaway is an extension of your brand. At GWN we strive to work with your team to develop products that take your brand from an event or a sales meeting into your clients home or office.

People lining up to get a promotional piece or seeing it on television or helping someone close a sale, that is what makes GWN tick. Giving someone a promotional item and seeing them use it two months later, that’s success!

About Us

GWN prides itself on never shying away from a challenge. No project is too big or too small. Pose the challenge and we will find a way to deliver and exceed your expectations.

GWN Promotions provides:

  • Over 300,000 promotional products at our fingertips, if we can’t find an existing relevant fit for your brand, our custom manufacturing capability will create one.
  • Shipping and logistical oversight including warehousing solutions.
  • Online store development utilizing our Online 360 solution
  • Promotional teams and product deployment services.
  • Incentive gifting and central dealer management capabilities.
  • Start-to-finish management of rights approvals and royalty management.
  • Full-service brand strategy development and program execution through our parent company XMC.